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Diane takes Japan by Storm

Diane toured Japan in 1981 for two months, and then returned again in 1984.  Of all the places she has wrestled, Diane likes Japan the most.  Diane wrote, "I remember the matches with Yokata Rema. She was a great champion, and I know I could have beat her, but I was the American there, if you know what I mean  On another occasion, I had just beat one of their girls in a singles match in Sapporo.   As I walked out of the ring a man smacked me.  You know me, I just smacked him back.  Come to find out he was the involved in the Japanese Mafia. He and 2 other girls chased me. I got onto the bus, and then got out last to get a shower.  They chased me again, and one of the guys pulled my hair from the back.  Heck the girls were pulling my hair so hard, I didn't budge, I looked back and he had a chair.  Now this is a shoot, I mean this is real, and tried to pull me down. The midget, Haiti Kid, was there and jumped on his back.  I got away, and they had to take us away quickly on the bus, boy was that memorable... "


Japanese Ticket

The Japanese are imaginative people. This is one of the tickets used to get into the matches there.

Diane uses her superior size and strength to 'belly bump' Yokata Reme, 1981. Diane described Yokata as her toughest opponent from Japan.

Diane vs Yokata Reme