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Diane & Violet Flame


Margaret Garcia & Josie Navarro

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: Diane and Violet Flame await the opening bell in their tag match with Josie Navarro and Margaret Garcia.
: "C'mon, ya wanna piece of this"? Diane yells as she opens the match.
: Diane and Navarro lock up, and Diane quickly takes control with a powerful arm lock.
: Navarro grimaces from the pain as Diane works her into a half nelson.
: "I didn't pull her hair!" Diane yells as she takes Navarro to the mat and continues working on that arm,
: Navarro struggles back to her feet as Diane maintains the pressure on Navarro's arm.
: Diane prepares Navarro for a powerful knee lift...
: and follows her across the ring.
: Diane uses Navarro's hair to pull her up....

Photos courtesy of Mike Holmes