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Dangerous Diane Von Hoffman

Catch Diane in Action!




Nov. 4th, 2000 - Cincinnati, OH: Moondog Fifi def. Tammy Starr

This was the first time for Moondog Fifi to be at the Intense Arena. It wasn't very long into the match before the fans started singing Who Let The Dogs Out?. Moondog is in no way a technical wrestler. Like the legendary Moondogs Rex and Spot, Fifi would latch onto a hold such as an arm bar and constantly work the hold, with a little biting thrown in for good measure. Tammy used her quickness and knowledge of wrestling moves as much as she could but it was a big task to get the larger and stronger Fifi off her feet. Lady Victoria came out to the ring near the end of the match. Tammy had Fifi in the corner, went for a handstand head-scissors, but was tossed off by Lady Vic. Fifi distracted the referee as Lady Vic choked Tammy. Moondog Fifi finished off Tammy with a power slam and a bone to her throat to get the pin.

(Match synopsis taken from Intense Wrestling website)

Dec. 9th, 2000 - Manchester, KY: Moondog Fifi def. Lady Victoria

It took 20 minutes, but Fifi was able to conquer Lady Victoria and win the Diehard Championship Wrestling Women's Title! It was a give and take battle the entire time, but Fifi triumphed in the end. Now we know who the better woman is!

Jan. 6th, 2001 - Cincinnati, OH: Lady V. over Diane aka Fifi

The match was fast and furious. Diane had given Lady V. the beating of her life throwing her in and out of the ring, she had her in the bleachers, tearing her up and showing her the true hard core days. Diane was going for the kill when the referee distracted Diane and Lady V. snuck up from behind and rolled Diane up, holding her pants and a very quick 1-2-3. Diane then got up wildly, hitting Lady V. and the referee with the bone, leaving them laying in the ring. Next time Lady V. will not be treated so well. Diane is going to eat her up and spit her out.

January 27th

Leilani Kai was one of the toughest matches Diane has had against her idol and mentor, but she came out victorious, after 30 minutes of battling back and forth. Diane used a submission hold that LeiLani couldn't withstand. This was the match Diane had dreamed of winning.