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Diane's Bio


Height-5' 7 "

Weight -165 lbs.

Hometown: Louisville, Ky.

Age: Never ask a woman that!!!

Years Wrestling: 20 or so

Gimmick: Diane Von Hoffman /German Nazi then Moondog Fifi wild and crazy sister of the Moondogs.

Wrestling Style: Aggressive

Gear/ Various

Titles Held: USWA-1992 against Ms. Texas, Co holder of All Japan Women's Tag title with Leilani Kai, 1981, MWA champion 1986-1988.

Career Record: Over 100 wins

Career Highlight: 1st match in Madison Square and Boston Garden with the Fabulous Moolah, 1981

Biggest Win: They were all big wins to me

Worst loss:  Yokata Reme, had her beat for the World Belt, and the ref screwed me.

Favorite Type of Match: The more aggressive shoot match

Favorite Move/ hold -Sleeper/ German Suplex

Favorite Pro Wrestler/ Why? I have 2-One male and one female. I look up to an older male wrestler by the name of Chris Colt. He was the best bump taker in the business. He died of Aids, or at least I was told that, and I miss him very much.

Female: My idol Leilani Kai-She is the true champion of champions to me.

Finisher: I love all submission finishes and I also love off the top rope splash.

Bio/ Interests: Camping, fishing, driving my boat, riding in my RV, swimming, being with my husband and 2 children, hanging with my friends.

The reason I came back to the sport is because I missed the sport, and since I went to the LIWA it made a big impact, and I also got over my nervousness after a major back surgery and 2 knee surgeries.

The most memorable matches, boy I have several, one of them when I was in Madison Square Garden and Boston Garden with Moolah.  It was my first time on the road and I was very nervous.   In Japan, I remember the matches with Yokata Rema. She was a great champion.  In Trinidad I will never forget the match with Princess Jasmine.

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lpwa3.jpg (17919 bytes)
1982 - Diane finishing off Tina Fararri (Ivory) LPWA

Dvhvcd.jpg (14498 bytes) Diane tries to remove Candi Devine's arm during one of their torrid matches

w-male wrestler.jpg (411990 bytes)
1993 - Diane poses for a pic with Wildfire Tommy Rich during a USWA event.